Tech Friend Friday 13 Oct

Some say that Friday is the first day of the weekend, whilst I say, time for another Tech Friend Friday! Here’s our lot for this week, and always send through any feedback you may have to me at

Weird and wonderful news articles.  This week, I found these pearls of wisdom:

My favourite item for the week.  That would be my Lifescribe 3 Smartpen.  Goes one step further than Whiltelines where handwriting is directly captured and converted to text.  The reliability of converting handwriting to text is surprisingly reliable, especially if your handwriting is close to neat.

Book I have read.  I am an Engineer, and anyone that can explain the makeup of successful organisations in a scientific way has my vote!  Organizational Physics | The Science of Growing a Business by Len Sisney is interesting in that it draws analogies between laws of physics and the laws that underpin organisation growth.  Other nuggets include the Worlds Fastest Personality Test.

Thought for the week.  Time spent on strategy is time well spent, and that includes spending time in getting clearer on what you want to achieve – an inspiring goal.  Some say that a clear goal is all you need.  This is where the SMART theory comes from – in that you are most likely to achieve your goal if your goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. I think this is too complicated and we are unable to find any research to suggest that the application of this theory is even effective. More effective is the process of consistently focusing on a goal, and using this to generate feelings that will drive action towards the goal (books like Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded and the broader body of knowledge and research of Dr Maxwell Maltz explain and demostrate this approach in more detail).  A goal without feeling won’t be achieved.  So in the time you spend in setting goals and forming strategy to get there, spend time also on how the goal makes you feel.

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