Sometimes migrating mailboxes from on-prem to Exchange Online is easy. But when it comes to moving mailboxes from a GoDaddy managed tenant, getting Admin access to perform the export is almost impossible. Here’s one way that seems to work.

Export mailbox contents

  1. Log into the Compliance Centre as an account admin (
  2. Select eDiscovery | Core from the left blade
  3. Create a case
  4. Apply a search to the case.  From the menu bar, select Searches and then + New Search
    1. Select Specific locations, and then Exchange Mailboxes only
    1. In Define your search conditions select the date range for mailbox items
    1. Review the search and click Submit
  5. Wait until the search you have just submitted completes
  6. Initiate the export of mailbox items found in the search
    1. Click on the search you created in step 4 and details should be shown in the right-hand blade
    1. Click Actions | Export results
    1. In the Export results blade, leave defaults as they are (particularly Export Exchange content as One PST file for each mailbox
    1. Click Export
  7. Download export results (must be done from Edge)
    1. Click on Exports in the menu bar
    1. Select the export that you have created in the previous step
    1. Wait until the export completes (this may take a few hours)

Import mailbox contents

Follow these instructions in the new tenant:

  1. Again, log into the Compliance Centre as the account admin (
  2. Select Information Governance | Import

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