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Providing access to a another’s mailbox and OneDrive

Sometimes when someone separates from an organisation, we need to provide access for another person to view the Exchange mailbox and personal OneDrive of the separated person. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Run a query and export the results from the Compliance Centre (useful if a specific thing is trying to be located), or
  2. Update permissions to allow others to access

In this post, we’ll focus on the second method. To complete these steps, you’ll need to be a Global Administrator.

To provide access:

  • Ensure that the account of the separated person is Active. This may mean that the account needs to be recovered from Deleted users (if under 28 days) or from backup. Also ensure that the account has sign-in blocked so that the separated person can’t inadvertently sign in.

For access to their Exchange mailbox

  1. Go to the Admin centre and select Users | Active users
  2. Select the separated user’s account
  3. Select Mail (tab) | Read and manage permissions (under Mailbox permissions)
  4. Select +Add permissions
  5. Select the people that need access and click Add.
  6. Let the users that need access know that they now have access. They simply need to add the separated user’s account in Outlook.

More details here.

For access to their OneDrive:

  1. Go to the Admin Centre and then select Admin centres | SharePoint (you may need to show all to reveal this in the left-hand blade).
  2. In the left-hand blade of the SharePoint admin centre, select More features | User profiles | Manage User Profiles
  3. Search for the separated person’s account
  4. Right click on the account and select Manage site collection owners.
  5. Add the users that need access to this OneDrive.
  6. Send the URL of the OneDrive to the users that need access. To find this, go to back to the Admin Centre and select Users | Active users and then the separated user. In the flyout (right), select OneDrive, and then Create link to files (under Get access to files).

Refer to this for more details.

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