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13th July 2022 Newsletter

This week sees a focus on building, testing, advising and supporting. One goal I’m pretty keen on is to have a fully automated out-of-the-box experience for provisioning new devices over the air – using Microsoft EndPoint Manager (previously called Intune). Most of this works really well, from installing apps, applying security controls, implementing roaming profiles (using OneDrive), installing printers to rolling out a branded lock screen.

We continue to work on implementing corporate registers in SharePoint, one example being a Contracts register. I really want this work to showcase the best of what SharePoint and PowerApps have to offer. The overall architecture is to have each register as a SharePoint list, and attached documents to be automatically saved into a document library so that they can be managed in-place by their records management system. Some funky notifications are implemented in PowerAutomate. This work really harks to what I believe in – leveraging investment in the Microsoft stack to build elegant and scalable solutions.

Across the Industry
Join Dr Felix Tan in his discussion of the impact of digital transformation on businesses and ecosystems on 21 July 2022.

View the first image released from the Webb telescope, which reveals details of galaxies from billions of years ago.

New Tenders

AWS News
The Victorian government has entered into a state-wide contract with Amazon Web Services (AWS), streamlining access to cloud technology in line with their 2021-2026 Digital Strategy.

Microsoft News
Read about WaterNSW’s use of Dynamics 365 to improve and simplify HR processes as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Security Updates
The DHHS have issued a security advisory on Hive Ransomware. Follow these steps to protect your organisation:

  • Check for and block all traffic from the following IP addresses associated with the attack:
  • Sufficiently backup data which is deemed critical or sensitive, including an option for offline storage.
  • Continuously monitor networks for any suspicious traffic and patch VMware ESXi servers with the latest updates.

Read the ACSC’s overview of the creation of a cryptographically relevant quantum computer (CRQC), which will impact the security of current public key cryptography (PKC) technology.

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