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20th July 2022 Newsletter

It takes some work to divide up and allocate work – doesn’t it? All good work starts with a sound plan – in your head or on paper. And there is an art in dividing up work – giving everyone in the team something to chow down on – so that each has a start and end, an objective in mind and the freedom within the work to do it any way you like. Computer science has the concept of a logical unit of work and if you have a good imagination, you can see how this can apply to work that we humans do.

I am intrigued by the similarities between work in the software and real worlds. What if every project was a software development project? What would a house look like if built in an Agile way? Further on this, we are starting every project now as a devops project – no matter whether it’s a software build or a consulting gig. I’ll let you know how we go…

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