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Month: August 2022

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Sometimes, search doesn’t work as you expect in SharePoint (one example is multi-line text fields – and a list of crawled properties is at In particular with Lists, some column types aren’t supported OOTB. But there is a way to get searching for all columns using managed properties. The process is simple enough: Setup […]
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Click here to subscribe! Reliable printing from anywhere is something that Microsoft’s Universal Print aspires to. On the whole, it’s a good printing solution for distributed workforces. In a Universal Print world, there are no on-premises print servers – which I really like. My view is that there should be no on-premises infrastructure – other than network […]

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Coming to the end of another year means reflecting on what has been achieved, and what could be improved or changed. Our newsletter has now been running for just over six months – that’s 26 newsletters in total! Our most popular topics this year included security, employee training and learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Unsurprisingly, this has reflected […]



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