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Switching on your digital employees

A while back, I was working with a client that was implementing TechOne OneCouncil. The best part was the employee dashboard – a simple and straight forward launchpad for keeping on top of your work. It had one major limitation though in that it was really inward looking – great for TechOne apps, but not so good for bringing together all the other information an employee needs to be effective.

Then there is the Microsoft equivalent, Viva Connections, a more flexible and currently basic alternative to underpin Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Viva Connections comes bundled with an Office 365 E licence and serves up content cards targeted to specific groups, or individual users. These cards need a little work to be useful, but there are some cool samples from Microsoft, and can pretty much do anything in SPFx.

Even better is Ichicraft Boards, with richer, more engaging cards out-of-the-box. It allows employees to create their own dashboards and to select the cards (and the look of these cards) as they need.

DEX is a new frontier and there is lots of hype around. But if you like coding, the tools are available now to create an engaging environment that amazes and engages your most important asset.

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