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Hassle Free Data Migration 📂↗️☁️

Whilst working at a Water Corporation a while back, I had to migrate 250k records from Records Manager to Content Manager 9. The documents themselves were straightforward, but the transformations of the related metadata were extreme (including nested lists). I used Power Query for this and although good for understanding data quality, it was very manual and would hang on large datasets.

Finding a good and cost effective ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) platform is difficult, particularly something that is corporate grade. You maybe familiar with FME Workbench – particularly those of you that look after GIS. It’s a great tool but expensive. You’ll be pleased to know that there is a cloud based Microsoft equivalent – Azure Data Factory.

We are using Data Factory to pull data from a data warehouse (containing legacy ERP data), perform some minor transformations, and then push it into the Dataverse. The data is then made available to staff using a model driven PowerApp. It gives staff ready access to the data in a secure way. In addition, they get the power of AI assisted searching (like recognizing common abbreviations and acronyms), and this old data can be combined with new data in the Dataverse.

Old and new worlds collide with Data Factory and the Dataverse to create the one thing we all are searching for – one complete view of corporate data.

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