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🤖 Artificial Intelligence (AI) for coding, writing, and more!

My first brush with AI was in my final year at Uni. The cool kids had snatched all of the interesting thesis topics. My friend Paul was capturing 3D data from a 2D image, similar to this – very cool. I approached one of my computer science lecturers and he said, “read this, and base your thesis on it”. The book was Vehicles by Valenteno Braitenberg – an exploration into a form of AI called synthetic psychology that started my fascination in AI and, in particular, neural networks.

Fast forward to just over a week ago (November 30 to be exact). ChatGPT was released by OpenAI for public research, and uses neural networks and language models to give a deeply engaging experience. It can create content – like “write a biblical verse in the style of the King James Bible explaining how to remove a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR.” It can answer follow up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. But most importantly for us IT geniuses, ChatGPT can create executable code from a simple natural language command.

We are using it now to write PowerShell configuration scripts to push out to Surface Pros via Endpoint Manager. It provides a good starting point for the script, inserts intelligible comments, and explains the code for you. I can see many other uses.

Can’t remember how to write an SQL query to unload the first 1000 rows from a table? Ask ChatGPT and you’ll have syntactically correct code that’s ready to execute in seconds. Have code that is throwing an error? Give it to ChatGPT and it will give possible ways to fix it. Can’t remember how to write a particular function expression in Power Automate? Again, ChatGPT is surprisingly good in giving a ready to run answer. It can even pretend to be a Linux box.

The gap between people and machines is closing.

If you remember seeing Dark Star in the 70s or 80s, you’ll remember the conversations between crew and computers – coaxing bombs back into the ship after the bombs decided they needed to deploy. I guess you had to be there. Anyhow, the point I am trying to make is that AI is useful and fallible all at the same time. Use it wisely!

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