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Securing IT Systems in Freefall ✈️

Stalling an aircraft, intentionally, was never fun – but necessary to feel the effects of when you lose control.  The procedure was to 1) ascend to 4000ft AGL over farmland, 2) jam the throttle control in to idle, 3) as airspeed decreases, keep pulling the stick back to raise the nose and maintain altitude, 4) keep doing this until you feel buffeting, 5) keep going further a bit more and in a few seconds you and your aircraft are in freefall.  To return to controlled flight, you do what is counterintuitive – release the stick.  This is one reason why nearly 50% of all private pilot accidents involve stalls and half of these result in fatalities.  The deadliest times are at take-off and landing, where you are close to the terrain and at low airspeed.

You may know Sentinel as Microsoft’s SIEM.  We like it, but there are many other SIEMs out there if Microsoft is not your thing.  Anyhow, for under a $100 per month our clients get more sophistication that they can use.  It covers controls for the much of the MITRE ATT&CK framework and provides ASD Essential 8 reporting OOTB.  Best of all, it provides you with all the ability to run mock incidents to ensure you know what it feels like when a serious security incident is at play.  It also gives you the tools to contain and eliminate that attack – and return to straight and level flight.  It’s impressive!

Don’t end up like Bernie, washed up on the beach.  Get ready now and improve your security posture with tools that help you soar.

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