Charlie Mac is a group of skilled IT professionals that specialise in helping our clients grow by bringing together the latest trends in technology and clever people within your organisation.  We bridge the gap between people and technology.  Our specialities are in IT Strategy, IT Procurement and IT Project Management.

Our approach applies the latest research in technology trends and psychology to ensure that technology supports the people within an organisation to deliver better service to the community and customers they serve.

We predominantly work in the Local Government, Healthcare and Utilities sectors, but have been known to work with community organisations and the private sector to drive technology change.

From the vault…

Charlie Mac is the right choice

We are:

  • Research based
  • Independent
  • Developing industry-wide solutions
  • Focused on deepening relationships across the IT industry
  • Experts in developing novel solutions to complex problems
  • Experienced.  Many of our people individually have 20+ years experience in the IT industry
  • Always protecting your interests and confidentiality
  • Great listeners
  • Work with you to find the best way forward for you

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