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IT Procurement

IT Procurement is not only about purchasing, but about making good matches between organisations, vendors and service providers, building strong relationships between them, ensuring that there is a fair exchange of value, and that these relationships are nurtured and grown over time. Relationships that don’t work need to be terminated. Relationships that nurture and help each other grow should be cherished. Both parties pay the price if this is not done – in lost opportunity, stunted growth, irritation and complication, and greater expense. We’ve seen adversarial relationships between an organisation and vendor that spill over into areas other than IT. Of course, this can happen in any relationship – but I am making a point. Strong, mutually valuable IT relationships, focused on growth are important. This philosophy is embedded in every engagement we undertake.

Our IT Procurement services include:

  • Market scans
  • Business Case development
  • Procurement strategy and planning
  • Requirements elicitation and development
  • Invitation to Supply development
  • Managing the Invitation to Supply process (including shortlisting, preferred supplier selection)
  • Independent Selection Panel Advisors
  • Contract negotiators


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