Charlie Mac and Associates

On-demand testing services

We provide on-demand testing services that cover:

  • Application testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Usability and user experience testing
  • Web performance testing

Our test services include:

  • Developing test plans, scenarios and scripts
  • Executing test scripts – running a script, collecting actual results, comparing with expected results and raising issues as required
  • Working issues found through to resolution.

We can use your test management software, or ours.

To get started, we meet with you to understand the scope of testing, your objectives and the logistics of testing (any scripts / scenarios you would like us to test, results you would like us to collect, the templates you would like us to use, and the test management/issue management system you would like us to use).

We usually execute these tests offsite (ie we would need remote access) and would communicate with you weekly (or daily if you prefer) on progress.


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