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Check system requirements https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/current/manual/installation/requirements Create LAMP stack on AWS Lightsail instance – do this manually.  Don’t use a LAMP package (bitnami) as this does not work: Assign static IP Using your domain host, assign an A record for the domain that you’ll use for Zabbix server, pointing to the static IP in step 1. Install […]
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We have developed and released tenders on many aspects of IT, including: IT Managed Services (typically including moving to the cloud, either private or public, and supporting the gamut of IT capability for an organisation) ERP system replacements Records management systems GIS replacements CRM implementations Bespoke specialist systems The tender is usually constructed using Victorian […]

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Across the IndustryRead about how Melbourne and Geelong are utilising camera technology from Axis as part of their Smart City transformation, or take a digital tour of Geelong’s Smart City here. Watch a minidocumentary on the industries achieving net zero using the Internet of Things (IoT). Small business in Victoria can apply for a rebate to assist with the transition to renewable energy. New […]


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