Technology is a driving force in many of our lives. This force can drive us, or we have harness and apply it to achieve things we only but dreamt of. Technology Leaders of Change is a group of people that can see not only the value in technology – they see that our humanity is enriched by technology working alongside us to achieve our vision of the future – whether that about our environment, our relationships with ourselves and others, our wealth, or our wisdom. When technology and people come together, we can create great things.

Technology Leaders of Change is a technology change movement. Our purpose is to promote and drive mindful change through the access to, the application of, and the working together with technology.

If you are interested in what technology could achieve, then I urge you to consider joining Technology Leaders of Change.

As an individual, joining Technology Leaders of Change will:

• Promote you and your unique skills to a broader audience – on your terms
• Provide you with opportunities to apply and develop your technology skills – in places you may not normally have access to. If you seek a challenge, we will actively find these for you.
• Get better connected with people in the local technology people in your region, and beyond.
• Have an opportunity to participate in quarterly Technology Forums.

Joining Technology Leaders of Change as an individual is offered at no charge. Join now.

Joining as an organisation, Technology Leaders of Change will give you:

• Access to great local technology people that suppliment the skills and capacity of your organisation – when you need them.
• A structured and dependable environment for working together with other organisations on technology projects – you’ll achieve momentum and
• An independent and experienced project manager to work through road-blocks that may be difficult to negotiate by any one organisation
• Advocates for funding special technology projects on your behalf
• The opportunity for anyone in your organisation to participate in quarterly Technology Forums.

The Technology Leaders of Change program is an investment in your organisation and shows that developing local technology capability and capacity is important to you.  Join now.

Technology Leaders of Change is currently being trialled in Gippsland, south-eastern Australia. We are hoping to roll out the movement to other locations in the near future, so please let me know if you think that Technology Leaders of Change could take off in your region.

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