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When I was learning to fly, monitoring was a big deal. Looking out for traffic, making sure engine temperature and pressure remained in the green zone, adjusting angle of attack, tweaking airspeed, checking radio frequencies, watching the little ball on the yaw indicator. These constant checks ensured safe, smooth and efficient flight. The same goes for IT systems […]
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Strong and enduring relationships are important but often get overlooked in IT. Strong relationships are built upon shared commitment and trust. Without these, awesome ideas die on the vine. I am sure you’ve seen this before. Forming long term relationships with IT providers can be difficult too, particularly in our world of probity and procurement […]
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Following on from my email last week, I wanted to describe how you can build a complete Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution completely with Microsoft offerings. My philosophy is two-fold: 1) make the most of the Microsoft 365 licencing you already have and, 2) remove much of the third-party security infrastructure you have that […]


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