Bring people and technology together

Charlie Mac is an Information Technology company that brings people and technology closer together. We do this by: 

  1. Improving technology to make it easier to use and more reliable
  2. Improving relationships between people and technology (and the people that support that technology)
  3. Empowering all with better information on technology options so that we can make more informed decisions. 

We support the complete lifecycle of technology change: 

  • IT strategy
  • Ideation
  • Design
  • Procurement (inc tender development and management)
  • Systems implementation
  • Independent testing
  • IT support

Our clients are are mainly in the Government and Not For Profit sectors, although we do work for the private sector when the opportunity arises.

Charlie Mac was founded on 01 Feb 2013 and is based in the Strzelecki Ranges of south-west Gippsland.

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Special projects

  • IT design patterns – repeatable patterns for building and supporting IT systems
  • Public Wi-Fi – providing low cost or no cost access to the internet, especially for those that really need it
  • IT almanac – historical information on the IT industry


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