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Reducing IT costs

We live in a world where IT is a necessary cost of doing business that is typically between 1.5 and 10 percent of annual revenue (1), depending on the role IT plays in generating that revenue. We believe that IT should be inexpensive and ubiquitous. IT should be an enabler. IT should liberate.

We believe that you should pay less for great IT.

We here at Charlie Mac work alongside our clients to ensure that they:

  • Use the latest in technology,
  • Are secure , and
  • Receive value for money.

We welcome an opportunity to learn more about your IT operations, and often play one of two roles:

  • As the advisor – where we work on your behalf to get what you want at the best price. We would
  • As the systems builder and supporter – where we design, build, transform and support IT operations.

In our work across the Government, Not For Profit and Private sectors we get to see many things that hamper efforts in minimising costs:

  • Applications on premises – taking extra effort to keep up to date and secure and there are no opportunities to achieve economies of scale.
  • Over complicating IT – a complicated IT environment is hard to unwind and makes support more difficult.
  • Paying for unnecessary IT – many times we find our clients are paying for software they don’t need.
  • Vendor lock-in – choosing a solution where a software vendor locks out others in providing support
  • Paying for old technologies – software nearing the end of its relevance cycle costs more to support and maintain. Opportunities are lost.

Sometimes the above are necessary to obtain an objective. Sometimes there is no other choice. But in many cases, there are lower cost alternatives.

Vendors dislike change. They will play every trick to ensure that you don’t.

We work on behalf of our clients to work through things like these to achieve better value for money.

I welcome an opportunity to listen about your aspirations of the future and how better IT can help you achieve that.

Yours Sincerely,

Luke Potter – Principal


1 – Based on a research paper on the subject (reference to follow) and supported by our experience.


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