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Technology Strategy for Business

Any business operating in this information age relies on technology to be profitable and grow.  But are you making the most of your investment?  The skilful use of technology will make you significantly more efficient, open you up to clients across the globe, and help deliver value in new ways to create results that you never thought possible.

Technology Strategy for LGAs

Local Government is uniquely placed to drive new levels of growth in their communities through the skilful use of technology.  Today, so much of the value Council provides to the community is through the sharing of information – on strategic planning, property, assets, animals and more.

Change Management

To achieve better results, change is required.  We take world leading change management theory and our experience in delivering technology solutions to get better results, faster.

Our Speciality Areas

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Digital Strategy

A good Digital Strategy describes the roadmap for realising your business vision and should highlight how specific technologies can be applied for maximum value.   We consider the whole organisation when developing a Digital Strategy for our clients – the technology, business processes that leverage this technology, and the people that use this process and supported by technology to deliver value.

Mobility Strategy (and the IoT)

Mobile devices are defining a new way of working and interacting with the world.   In words of Alan Kay, technology will disappear and everything will become software.  The global movement towards mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) is the beginning of this transition.  We help our clients develop strategy for procuring, rolling-out and managing mobile devices across their enterprise in a way that maximises return whilst ensuring security and compliance requirements are met.

Web Strategy

The web provides the perfect environment to share your passion and to help others across the globe.  The web provides power to the people, to the individual.  The web is about relationships and trust.  The web is about contributing to something bigger.  We help our clients across the globe achieve more from the web through good web strategy.


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