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Microsoft have released a new remote help solution (currently in preview) and this is something that we hope may:

  1. Make it easier for us to connect to remote computers and provide direct one-on-one support
  2. Replace Teamviewer in the longer term. We really like Teamviewer but Remote Help would further our guiding principles of Microsoft first. Microsoft are making it clear though that although Remote Help is free whilst in preview, it’s going to need a paid licence once it’s in general release.
  3. Provide an integrated option for all users to provide remote support to others

Note that the current version of Remote Help does not support unattended access (like accessing a server).

Setting up Remote Help

Follow these simple instructions to get started:

  1. Go to and log in using a Admin account
  2. Select Tenant Admin | Connectors and tokens | Remote help (preview)
  3. Then go Settings and select Enabled.
  4. Also select whether unenrolled devices can use Remote help.

Next step is to install the remote help tool on each machine that needs to be remotely managed. See for more details. You can deploy the remote help tool:

  • Manually – Download the remote help app and install on each machine
  • Automatically as a Intune package – follow the instructions using the above link

More to follow…

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