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It’s bigger on the inside…

Building a customer portal can be tricky. In the heat of the dot com bubble, I was a consultant working on the team – Telstra’s first shot at a one-stop-shop for customers. I was working for Accenture at the time as a Manager in the UAT team. It was a goliath of a project, with SSO being a major part of that.

Power Pages has been in general release since Oct 22, and provides simple way of providing portal experience, and is the revamped version of the old Power Portals. It’s a low-code way of opening up your organisation to the world in a really secure way. Pricing starts at $5 an authenticated user (based on unique Dataverse contact IDs) and $0.40 per anonymous user (based on cookie ID) per month – colume discounts apply. Spin up a free trial (up to 60 days with an extension) here. Most impressive is the Building Permit application template – a fully fledged application portal complete with workflow that ready to go OOTB. And its data is saved in the Dataverse ready to be consumed by other apps!

I was a big fan of Dr Who when I was a kid, and I guess I am still now – worlds of possibility visited via the TARDIS. That’s what a portal is supposed to be I think – a window into another world. Tom Baker was the best Doctor – feel free to debate me on that one.

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