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Personalised Employee Learning

Have you ever had to roll out a new system and not had the training material ready? Good training material takes time, particularly if you need to cut it from scratch. Well life on the e-learning plains is getting easier. The new kids on the block in the e-learning space are Learning Pathways and Viva Learning – both from Microsoft. The former is free, whilst the later costs next to nix.

Learning Pathways provides pre-cut Microsoft training material delivered as a SharePoint app. The beauty of this approach is that you can create learning pathways and material of your own and combine it with the Microsoft base. For example, you can take a standard Microsoft guide on using Teams, add your own corporate terminology and references, and bundle it back into the app. The Microsoft content is updated regularly and deployed though a github repo. Want to check it out now? Go ahead and deploy it straight from the SharePoint Look Book into your own tenant!

Viva Learning can be configured to target specific items in Learning Pathways to specific employees. It can also consume material from other e-learning content providers and track employee progress. It’s not an LMS, but sometimes an LMS is just overbaking e-learning. Take a look at this guided simulation – it’s pretty cool – but, remember, I don’t get out much…

And if all of this way too overwhelming, just remember those wise words from those other New Kids on the Block – ‘step by step’.

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