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Embrace your 80s IT coolness

Have you ever tried the Pomodoro method of working – where your work day is a series of 25 min focus sessions. Developed by Frances Cirillo in the late 80s, its mantra is to simply commit to 25 min of uninterrupted work on something requiring your focus. Then, once a focus session is over, you spend a subsequent 5 min block to review your work and plan for the next session. Some days I smash out focus sessions and other days I struggle. And on those days, I reassure myself that focus is just a 25min session away.

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Recent Government Tenders

  • City of Stonnington: Provision of Time and Attendance System at Aquatic Services (VendorPanel)

  • City of Stonnington: Live Streaming and Recording Platform (VendorPanel)

  • Victoria State Emergency Service: Microsoft SharePoint Services (VendorPanel)

  • Victorian Planning Authority: Project Management Software System (Buying For Victoria)

  • VicTrack: New Fibre Links in Regional Victoria (Buying For Victoria)

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