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✅ Open Source Solutions for Test Automation

We get so caught up sometimes delivering new features that quality starts to slip. I’ve been there – in the race to deliver, ripping up the back yard, testing feels like your Mum yelling ‘slow down’ out the kitchen window. Test automation provides a middle path, automating much of the quality checking bit, and freeing you up to deliver faster. Test automation is the gateway to performance and load testing. Even things built on the Power Platform need some performance testing love.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance says ‘…a person who sees Quality and feels it as he [or she] works is a person who cares’. I’d like to think that us test automation people really do care deeply about what we deliver.

The holy grail is to automate real user experience and to replicate this at scale – with hundreds or thousands of automatons running at once. Enter the marriage made in heaven partnership of JMeter and Blazemeter – lean, cost effective and scalable. You can record user actions in JMeter and then play back as many times as you like. Blazemeter then runs virtual instances of JMeter scripts, running as may in parallel as you want, and recording the results. JMeter is free (open source) and Blazemeter is not expensive. Contrary to the advice of the Motels, don’t need to ‘…sell your soul for total control’.

Reach out if you need further info or help in scripting and running automated tests.

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