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Approach to developing eLearning material

The types of eLearning material we typically develop are:

  • Interactive: Developed in Adobe Captivate – Video Demonstration, with Quiz at the end and saved as a SCORM package. This will load fine into an LMS (like our preferred – Moodle).
  • Video instruction: Screen recorded with Video Capture in Windows 10 (access via Windows + G) and no audio. Video edited in Adobe Premiere Pro (including intro and credits – zoom, pan and highlights added, voice over recorded and captions added).
  • Written how-to guides: Developed initially in Word (with minimal formatting) and then the content is copied to a wiki on the target eLearning platform (usually Moodle). This content can then be applied to a Word template to create a formatted document or to be produced in PDF.

Steps in developing material

  1. Determine scope – this means understanding the eLearning material types to be developed and clearly understanding the types of scenarios that will / will not be covered.
  2. Exploration – using the system to understand how it works with the view of understanding a contiguous process (within scope) that achieves an outcome. This step usually involves diving into any documentation that’s available. And then, with a broad objective in mind, to try and achieve this objective through the system. An example may be, learning the steps needed to raise a Purchase Order. In unstructured / undocumented situations, this ends up being a trial and error exercise (ie forming a hypothesis of how the objective may be achieved and then testing out to see if it’s really can be done that way).
  3. Develop an eLearning inventory – listing all of the artefacts that will be created.
  4. Document process – usually as steps written in a Word document and a process flow in Visio (using BPMN as a standard).
  5. Create eLearning materials – based on previous steps.
  6. Review and refine.
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