I wanted to provide a single place where we can list the issues we have come across and how we solved them. There is a chance they may help someone else.



  • Print job produces error on printer. We sometimes see a printer produce the following error, or similar: The Paper Size / Orientation in Tray 3 is different from the selected size. The root cause is that the printer driver default is set to Letter when the printer is only configured to accept A4. To correct this, first check regional settings on the client (in Windows 10, search for and select Region Settings from the Search Bar). Then ensure regional settings are correct. Australia or Europe should apply A4 as a default. Others will apply Letter as the default. In addition, check the default of the print driver too. Search for and select Printers & Scanners in the Windows 10 Search Bar. Then click on the printer that you are using and then Manage. Click Printer Preferences, then Paper/Quality | Advanced. Ensure that paper size is then set to A4. Click Apply, then OK. Refer to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/printer-is-configured-to-use-the-wrong-paper-size-ee2ee88a-95fa-f15a-0517-611ec20ffd26 for more details

Windows Virtual Desktop

  • User unable to start a web app or log into their virtual desktop – sometimes, a user session will hang on the VM running the web apps / desktops. RDP into the VM and go to Task Manager | Users. Locate the user and sign them out (right click, Sign Out).


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