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We have developed and released tenders on many aspects of IT, including:

  • IT Managed Services (typically including moving to the cloud, either private or public, and supporting the gamut of IT capability for an organisation)
  • ERP system replacements
  • Records management systems
  • GIS replacements
  • CRM implementations
  • Bespoke specialist systems

The tender is usually constructed using Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) standards. We haven’t yet found equivalent purchasing standards for our NSW clients, so we use the VGPB standard as a starting point and modify as required.

In all cases, the formula is the same.

Develop a Procurement Plan to obtain endorsement for approaching the market, and the way to make this approach. This would typically include a complexity assessment that would guide the best method of approach (eg EOI, RFQ or RFT).

Perform a market scan. This determines the likely market for the scope you are intending to fulfil. This is sometimes a high level view based on our experience, or something more detailed comparing players in the market and their offerings.

Gather up details for the tender, including:

  • Scope of the tender
  • Current state description (and diagrams, like architecture or network diagrams)
  • A list of detailed requirements (ie a specification)
  • Key Performance Indicators and abatements / penalties if these are not met.
  • Prepare a draft contract (to demonstrate the type of agreement that we’ll ask the preferred tenderer to sign up to).

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