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If you encounter an issue with a Windows Virtual Desktop app, try the following:

  • Remove and re-install the Remote Desktop client. Delete the app from Apps and Features in Windows 10. To install, download the client here (in most cases, select the 64 bit version).
  • Upgrade the Remote Desktop client. Open the client and see if there is a message to upgrade. If so, follow the prompts.
  • Multiple Remote Desktop clients. Sometimes we find multiple versions of the Remote Desktop client and they can contend with each other. The cleanest way to resolve this is to remove both and then re-install using the link in the first bullet point.
  • User unable to log-in. A user’s session can hang and prevent subsequent logins. To fix this, log into the WVD VM (via an RDP session through Azure) and kill the user’s session (right click in the tool tray, select Task Manager, then Users, select the user, right-click and select End session).

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