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  1. Backup and recovery

Recovering a virtual machine from a backup in Azure

The backup policy we apply in most cases (ie our default policy):

  • Backup schedule commencing 2000hrs (local time)
  • Instant restore retained for 2 days
  • Daily backup retained for 30 days
  • Weekly backup made on Sunday and retained for 12 weeks
  • Monthly backup, week based, made on the first Sunday of the month and retained for 60 months
  • Yearly backup, week based, made in January on the first Sunday and retained for 10 years.

This is in excess of what most organisations need, but in most cases when it comes to backing up, it’s good to over do it.

Create a recovery point

Just in case things don’t work out when you recover the backup, you’ll have something to recover back to.

  1. Log into the Azure portal
  2. Search for Backup Center
  3. Select the virtual machine you wish to create the recovery point for. Do this by selecting Backup instances in the left hand blade
  4. Create the recovery point
    1. Select the virtual machine to backup.  Click Backup now (so we have a restore point if needed). 
    1. Retention of backup defaults to 1 month
    1. You can monitor the progress – select Backup Jobs under Monitoring (left blade).
    1. Cutting this backup may take a few hours, or longer.

Recover the desired backup

Stop the virtual machine you want to recover.  This may take a few mins once initiated.

Initiate the recovery – this will create a backup as well at the time recovery is initiated

  1. Select Backup instances in the left hand blade
  2. Select the virtual machine.  Click Restore VM.
  3. Select restore point (from list of backups)
  4. Select Replace existing and then a staging location for the data
  5. Click Restore.  The process is usually done within an hour.
  6. Restart the virtual machine.


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