Further along our overall strategy of either 1) making better use of our Microsoft subscriptions, or 2) using open source, we have opted to use Zabbix for system monitoring. It’s extensive in functionality and comes with heaps of monitoring templates out of the box.

The architecture we use for system monitoring and alerting includes:

  • A Zabbix server hosted on an AWS Lightsail instance
  • Zabbix proxies (one installed at each client site) with encryption between proxy and server turned on. If the only available machine on-site is a Windows box, we enable the Linux subsystem for Windows for deploying the proxy (there was only a Zabbix proxy distro for Linux last time we checked).
  • Zabbix agent(s) installed at each client site on available Win or Linux machines. At the very least, one agent is installed on the machine running the Zabbix proxy


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