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Access a WVD app for the first time

There are a few things you need to do before you can access a Windows Virtual Desktop app for the first time. The following are instructions for users. [Will soon provide pre-requisites that IT need to rollout before the steps below can be done]

Part 1: Enable Self-Service Password Reset

As a preliminary step before moving to IRIS in the cloud, everyone that needs access will need to reset their Office 365 password. Once self-service password reset is turned on for the tenant, this is a really simple thing a user can do themselves. The added bonus is that they can use this feature to reset their password anytime you may need to (like if they have forgotten it or they want to change it for some other reason).

To use self-service password reset, you’ll need to register. To do this go to and follow the instructions.

Then, to reset your password, there are 2 ways of doing this:

1) If you are logged in to your PC, go to and follow the instructions.
2) If you are not logged in, start up your PC and you’ll notice a new link underneath the PIN entry box that says I forgot my PIN. Click on this to continue the process to reset your password.

All users will need to compete the above before they can access the WVD app.

Part 2: Verify you can access your WVD app

Perform the following steps:

  1. Type Remote Desktop into the search bar in the tool tray at the bottom of the screen. Hit Enter to run. Note that it is the red icon, not the Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Click the Let’s Get Started button. Remote Desktop will now search for remote applications you have access to.
  3. If you see a prompt to update Remote Desktop, please get in touch with Charlie Mac who will update the software on your behalf.
  4. Click on the icon for your WVD app.
  5. Enter your Office 365 credentials when asked. Make sure that your username is correct and that you being asked to enter your password. Note that if you are asked to enter your PIN or use Face ID, you’ll need to select More Options and select the option that enables you to enter your password. Note that PIN or Face ID do not work at this stage.
  6. After a bit, you should see the login screen for your WVD app.

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